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Plasma TVs: Thin Is In

If you aren't all that familiar with the new world of plasma tvs, you just may not know how truly thin these units really are. In fact, plasma tvs are so thin that they are the forefront of emerging thin technologies: thin tvs, thin cell phones, thin stereos, etc. Thin is in when you talk about plasma tvs. Read on to discover just how this thinness can work to your advantage.

Mark Mancuso lives in a fourth floor Manhattan walk up in the city's trendy SOHO district. Finding an apartment, let alone a full one bedroom apartment in a city like New York is a daunting proposition, especially in the teeming borough of Manhattan. For the princely sum of $2100 per month, Mark gets use of a not so sprawling 342 square foot apartment overlooking the fading brick wall of the apartment house next door. Not exactly scenic beauty, but for nearly 60 square feet of extra space, Mark has much more room now than had he would have gotten had he settled on the efficiency apartment one floor lower than his.

As with so many apartment dwellers, space is always at a premium. Deciding how you want to furnish your place is one thing, having the room to bring the furniture you want inside is yet another. Forget about a 32 inch HDTV mounted on a cumbersome television wall unit. That wall is for the couch which already stretches two inches into the apartment's hallway. No other wall is available as the windows take up one side, a doorway on another, and a desk with a computer sits like a sentry on the third wall. Even the 8x10 bedroom is crowded out by a king sized bed, a bulky dresser, and two end tables.

So, what choices do crowded New York City apartment dwellers really have when it comes to television? Well, up until recently if you wanted a large television and you didn't have the room, you simply plunked the unit on top of a desk or coffee table or slid it out of the way when not in use. Convenient? Not on your life. Thankfully, plasma tvs are now changing all of that and then some. A big screen television can now fit into the tiniest Manhattan apartment as long as there is ample room on the wall to hang it. That's right, the thin and light technology of plasma tvs makes hanging a television on any wall a great option whether you are strapped for room or not.

Your space probably isn't as limited as the typical New Yorker's is. However, if you want some room and the thought of replacing your artwork with a television set intrigues you, then thin plasma tvs are the way to go. Add in a sharper picture, better visibility, and excellent sound and plasma tvs become the only logical choice for you.