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What is a Standard Plasma TV?

When televisions were first introduced around the world, they changed the entertainment industry forever, and whilst the programming and television stars have come and gone, improved and gotten worse, not much has changed in the design of the TV set itself, well, apart from the introduction of colour I suppose.

So what is all the fuss about plasma televisions? Surely it can't be worth all the excitement that everyone is making and what about the expense? Won't my regular TV do me for years to come?

Plasma televisions are the future of home entertainment. Regardless of who you get your television channels from, whether it be satellite, cable, digital or terrestrial, in the near future everyone will be watching on plasma TV.

I'm Lost - Can you Please Explain ...

To answer your most basic question, a plasma TV is a relatively new technology that produces pictures on the screen in a new and innovative way. Your old TV was most likely a Cathode Ray Tube, which literally fired electricity about twelve inches onto the back of the screen to produce colours and the whole picture. This has worked well for years, but with the advancement in filming technologies there is a much higher standard of picture available and the CRT simply isn't up to the job.

A standard plasma TV works in a different way. The screen is made up of millions of tiny individual cells, filled with a special gas. As electricity is passed beside the cells, the gas becomes very excited and changes into plasma. Plasma is an extremely short lived state for the gas to be in, but whilst the gas is excited it gives off a vivid bright light which produces the outstanding picture.

I'm Still Lost ... I don't understand this scientific stuff!

Ok, don't worry about the science behind a plasma TV. All you need to know is that in a laboratory somewhere, someone very clever worked out how to produce a better television picture using less electricity and space. One of the many great advantages that plasma televisions have is their size. They are very thin in comparison to the older CRT TVs from the 90's. The standard plasma TV is about six inches thick making it ideal to hang on the wall. Imagine the extra space you're going to have in your living room, you could even get rid of the entire TV cabinet, because hanging a plasma TV is so easy you can do it yourself in about an hour. The other benefit of a plasma TV is that you can get a much bigger screen than before. Plasma televisions are designed in such a way that the only thing limiting the size of the viewing screen is the size of your budget. The technology in the screens also allows for a huge viewing angle, so if your living room is wide as opposed to long, you can rest assured that everyone in the room will experience the same great picture as each other.

But What I Want to Know - How is the Picture Quality?

So you've got a bigger screen than before, everyone can see it and it looks great on the wall. Now it's time to sit back, relax and drink in the superb picture that your plasma television can deliver. High Definition broadcasting has already started in many countries around the world, and in the not too distant future it will be the standard for everyone. A standard plasma television is perfect for this new wave of television. The gas cell design is perfect for showing crisp, clean pictures no matter what you are watching. I personally didn't believe there would be a noticeable difference until I saw it with my own eyes. The picture that a plasma TV can deliver is staggering, it really is that good! If you still don't believe me, go and watch a VHS for a couple of minutes, then put on a DVD. That is the jump in picture quality you can expect with a standard plasma TV. Unlike LCD TVs, plasma televisions are great for watching sport and high action movies on, again due to the gas cell design. The plasma can react so quickly there is no blurring or 'ghosting' that can occur with inferior products, just sharp and vividly colourful pictures like you'd expect at the cinema, except it's in your own home.

What Else Do I need to Know?

The future of home entertainment is certainly with plasma TV. Depending on the model you buy, the standard plasma TV can be connected to a games console giving you (or the kids) a completely new experience with your old games, or you can now enjoy the full quality of Blue-Ray discs - the next jump up from DVDs. You can even connect your home PC to the screen and surf the web from the comfort of your sofa. The versatility of a standard plasma TV is exciting to the geeks, and accommodating to everyone else. Who knows what products will come out next, but they'll all hook up to a plasma TV.

So now you know what a plasma TV is, isn't it time to head down to the shops and see what you could be taking home. You'll not regret it.