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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Plasma Screen

Congratulations, you've done it, you've chosen the best in home entertainment and bought a plasma screen TV and I'll bet your neighbours are jealous. So you've either wired up your PC to one of your plasma televisions or you've torn yourself away from the sofa long enough to find out the best way to care for your investment. Well there's a lot you can do past the simply cleaning your plasma television.

How do you keep your Plasma Screen Looking Brand New?

If you've recently bought a plasma screen TV you'll want to start caring for it immediately. Plasma televisions have been long in the making, so the most obvious place to start is with the manufacturer's manual. In there you'll find any basic setup precautions to take with your screen, but in this guide we can make sure your plasma screen TV will last for years. With all brand new plasma screen televisions it is important to 'break in' the screen. This doesn't involve throwing anything, I promise, it's just the first step in caring for your prized possession. In the same way that you drive a new car gently in the first thousand miles to avoid damage to the engine, you'll need to ease your TV into action. The good news is it is easy to do and will prolong the quality of your picture greatly. All you need to do is keep the brightness of the picture slightly lower than you would normally have it, and you only need to do this for the first month of the TV's life. By keeping the brightness down the plasma cells in the screen can warm up gently and will last longer, plus you'll hardly notice the difference in picture quality!

No Elbow Grease Required!

Cleaning your plasma television is a walk in the park. You, yes you - not anyone else, should dust the casing of the set as often as you would dust any other piece of furniture in your home. Keeping the plasma screen free of dust will reduce the chance of anything falling inside the heat vents and potentially damaging the fragile electronics inside. Cleaning your plasma television's screen is easy too, just use a soft lint free cloth and gently buff the glass in small circles to make sure the picture is as clear as it was in the showroom. Kid's grubby fingerprints will get everywhere in the house, and your plasma screen TV is no different. If any dirt doesn't come off with just the cloth, use a little furniture polish or cold water, but apply it to the cloth directly, not the screen. A gentle rub should get rid of most household grime. Most importantly of all, only clean your plasma televisions when they are switched off and cold..

Heat - Can it Hurt your Plasma TV?

Plasma televisions produce a lot of heat. To achieve the fantastic picture the gas cells are excited with electricity to produce the light for the screen, but also produce lots of heat. Cleaning your plasma television should only be done when your set has been off for a few hours and is cold. Not only will this give a better result, but it will be safer for you too. Be sure to allow plenty of space for your plasma screen TV to breathe, don't install it too tightly with any other furniture in the room, and never cover the heat vents on the TV with anything, including Christmas decorations!

Turn Down the Colour ...

This is the easiest step in caring for your plasma screen TV. It only takes the press of a button. As with the gently breaking in of your plasma by turning down the brightness of the screen in the first month, you'll get the best picture when the brightness of the screen matches the ambient brightness in your room. How do you do this? Just press the brightness button on your remote control and select Day-time or Night-time. The presets are there to help you, so use them!

Save the Screen ... and the Environment!

One of the problems that can come up with plasma televisions is screen burn. You might have seen this for yourself at airports where they have 24 hour news channels on all the time. Any image on the screen that doesn't move can become a permanent impression on the screen over time, but this shouldn't be a problem for normal use at home. Just to be sure though, especially if you use your PC on your plasma screen TV, delve into the TV's settings menus and select 'Screen Wipe' or similar. Is a simple process that uses specially designed graphics and colours to 'clean' the screen from the inside. If you don't have this feature, leaving the TV on with just interference on the screen for a few minutes will have the same effect. It is always better to catch these things early, so once a month after cleaning with your cloth, run the 'Screen Wipe' and you'll never have any troubles.

I told you it was easy to care for you plasma televisions, now what to watch next?