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Save Money On Your Plasma TVs

So, you have decided to purchase a plasma television: congratulations! You are joining a growing legion of worldwide consumers who appreciate and enjoy the versatility and usability of these fine products. Plasma tvs are taking the world by storm and soon will be in the majority of American homes. As you might guess, plasma tvs are still very expensive and are priced several times higher than standard televisions. Don't let this stop you as you can save money on plasma tvs and reap the rewards of owning one today. Read on and we'll cover some money saving ideas.

Brand Comparison - Perhaps when you were looking at plasma tvs, you noticed that Sylvania, Panasonic, and Philips were among the brands represented. This is good news as they are among the elite television makers in the world. However, lesser known brands also are worth considering and they could save you hundreds of dollars on your purchase. These brands include Hitachi, Samsung, and LG. Compare their models to the top brands and you could walk away with some serious savings.

Big Box Retailers - Specialty stores carry plasma tvs, but big box retailers including Circuit City have a huge inventory. Typically, prices with the big box retailers run lower than elsewhere and could shave 10% or more off of your final price. This could translate into savings of $125 to $350, depending on model selected.

Warehouse Stores - Costco, BJs, and Sam's Club each carry a few select models. Prices are comparable to the big box retailers, but consumers have been reporting better return policies with some warehouse stores compared to other retailers. Return policies are worth considering when purchasing any electronic equipment.

Wait a Few Months - As much as you want plasma tvs today, it could pay for you to wait a few months on your purchase as new models are continuously rolling out and prices continue to drop. In some cases you can defer payments on your purchase for several months, eliminating the need to wait. In these cases [check individual retailer offers] you could enjoy plasma tvs now and pay later. This is good news for consumers waiting for a tax refund check or other monies to become available to them.

Yes, plasma tvs continue to grow in popularity. Prices are dropping and the number of models continues to increase. Shop around for the best value, the best prices, and the best plasma tvs for your personal enjoyment.