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Plasma TV's Make The Right Choice

High definition TV's are becoming really popular. Each day more people are turning in their old blurry TV for true home theater systems. The popularity is in part due to the advantages that Plasma TV's have to offer. First of all, plasma screens are very shallow. Regularly the screen only takes about 2 inches deep and the entire TV just a few inches, perfect to be mounted on a wall if you don't have a lot of space to waste. Plasma screens come in large sizes. The largest size available in the world is about 103 inches across, but the regular size is 65 inches. Another attractive feature is that plasma screens have excellent contrast, being able to display very bright colors; they almost look like real live colors. When you buy a plasma TV the experience of watching television changes; it is like being right there on the field or in the movie. In order to make the correct choice you have to know that Plasma screen TV's have some cons that are essential to consider. Screens of plasma TV's are very fragile, so logically there's a high risk they could get broken during shipment or installation. Another fact to consider is that Plasma TV's start losing their brightness after about 2,000 hours of use. The latest model plasma screens will be half as bright as they originally were after about 60,000 hours of use. Another factor to consider when buying a plasma TV is altitude. Plasma TVs use millions of chambers full of gas to create a picture. When you move to higher altitudes, the constant pressure in the chambers emits a humming noise. This buzz is a combined result of the increased power consumption necessary to overcome the pressure differential, and the increase in fan use because the high power consumption heats the unit. This phenomenon has been only seen at altitudes of approximately 6000 feet. Since few people live above 6000 feet of elevation, very few will have an issue on this. Also, there have been a lot of cases of plasma screens burn-in. While it is true that a plasma television used a certain way will not have burn-in, there have been a lot of examples of kids burning the screen, especially with videogames that leave a steady image for a long period. Nowadays, burn-in is no longer a serious concern with newer plasma televisions thanks to a technology called pixel orbiter. As you can see there are some factors you have to consider when buying a Plasma TV, but with a little research, you will find the best TV that your money can buy.