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Purchasing a Plasma TV Can Be Daunting

If you've got a television in the front room that simply isn't up to the job anymore, it can be easy to decide to replace it with a very similar model or something that a friend or neighbour has and that you think "would do". Well there's no need to be scared of technology, after all we want to get you something that fulfils your needs immediately, as well as into the future.

What You Need Today

Before you get anywhere near the mall and before you've started fingering your credit card, there is one very important thing you need to decide first. What do you need from your television? What will you be using it for? If your answer to these questions is simply "To watch television" don't forget there are a huge range of features that your new plasma television can offer, but don't let them put you off for now. Will your new plasma television be positioned in the same place as your old one? Well did you know that the plasma TV is only six inches thick? That means that you can mount it on the wall with a simple hour of DIY. Now, if it's going to go onto the wall, you can probably afford to have a larger screen than you had before. The plasma television was designed with size in mind, in-fact they are the only option if you'd like a screen larger than sixty five inches, and the sensible choice if you require anything larger than thirty inches. Now you've discounted the other rival technologies you've got one less thing to worry about already.

Your Plasma TV Budget - Know it, Love it

There is no question that purchasing a plasma TV over the rival inferior technologies is the best move, but there are a number of options still available to you. Some of them will cost far more than others, so how do you know where to go from here? Decide on a budget for your new plasma television and stick to it within ten percent. Once you've a figure worked out don't be persuaded by the salesman to go any higher. Have a look online to see what kind of price you can expect to pay in your area, then go down to the shops with an idea of what you should be spending. If you find a model you've not seen before that has a great feature, bend your budget by up to ten percent, but no more. Once you've finished reading this guide you'll have all the ammunition you need to ask the salesman any questions you like and then you can move onto bargaining the price down, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. What features can you expect? It's just a TV after all, isn't it?

The Feature Packed Plasma Television

Your new plasma television will be able to do so much more than your current TV. You will be able to plug your home computer into the screen and surf the web from the comfort of your sofa. You'll be able to connect your games console to the plasma TV and experience the highest quality pictures ever available, and what's more you'll be HD ready. High Definition television is just starting to break through as more and more people invest in plasma screens. Broadcasters now transmit a much higher quality signal, with more pixels per inch of screen giving a sharper image, and with your new plasma TV you'll be ahead of the game with your HD screen. Although the current volume of channels broadcasting in HD varies from area to area, it is certainly the way television is going. Just be sure the model you buy has at least one HDMI socket. The more HDMI sockets the better, they'll allow you to connect more devices at the same time, such as the latest consoles. But with just one plasma TV, how are you ever going to get to watch the big match when the kids want to play games? With the Picture in Picture feature. Now you can watch two things at the same time, every boy's dream. Some plasma televisions can have a smaller inset picture on top of the main program, so you can keep tabs on the golf whilst the movie is on, or you can surf the net whilst the news plays in the background. You can flick between screens instantly if there's something happening and even select how big the second picture is.

Your Plasma TV Checklist

Now you are ready to go to the shops, remember what you are looking for:

  • A plasma television that you can afford.
  • The size of screen that you can now fit into your living room.
  • At least three HDMI slots, for connecting consoles, Blue-Ray players and who knows what else in the future?
  • Does the plasma TV have Picture in Picture (PIP)?
  • Are the brackets for mounting the plasma TV on the wall included, or can they be thrown in as part of the deal?

Remember, you are in control when purchasing a plasma TV, so don't feel intimidated by the sales staff, nor the technology. If you do feel out of control, simple walk away and go to another shop, or better still, find the model you want in a store then buy online for a better price and even free delivery. In a couple of days you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. Purchasing a plasma TV doesn't have to be hard, it's a piece of cake.