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5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Plasma TV

Can you remember that feeling when you first saw a row of plasma televisions in a store window? Each plasma screen crisp and bright, hypnotizing you with its realistic image? Did you covet the clarity of those plasma televisions? Did you finally carry your very own plasma screen home with excitement and wonder? And is it still looking as great as it did in the store? No??

Well read on for a simple way to get your plasma screen looking its best again. There's a lot to be said for investing a little time and care in looking after what is probably the most valuable item in your home entertainment system and with regular attention you may even extend its life! Dust, dirt and fingerprints can all gather on your plasma screen causing glare and affecting the clarity of the image. Cleaning your plasma TV might seem like commonsense, but with such a precious commodity you'll want to get it right!

Top Tip Number 1: Maintenance and Cleaning your Plasma TV

Read your manual! Yes, I know it's obvious, but plasma televisions should come with their own set of manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the plasma screen. These instructions should cover mounting, surge protection and warranty issues as well as recommending which products to avoid using when cleaning your plasma TV. Following these steps is a simple way to prevent damage to the surface of the plasma screen. Ammonia type agents for example, should not be used when cleaning your plasma TV. In most cases water or an isopropyl alcohol cleaner (similar to one you might use for your home PC) are the only two recommended substrates. Remember Windex is not your plasma screen's friend!

Top Tip Number Tip 2: How to keep your plasma screen looking like new

Get your cleaning tools together! Invest in a soft cloth or two that will be used exclusively for the plasma televisions in your home. A micro-fibre cloth or chamois will be gentle on your plasma screen and make cleaning your plasma TV easy work. Avoid using tissues, paper towel or any other fabric that may leave lint on the surface. To remove dust, just run the cloth gently over the plasma screen from left to right and continue downwards in a light circular motion. You can also use the cloth on the surrounding areas, making sure not to topple the unit. Never rub at your screen. Excess pressure may damage your plasma screen! It is recommended that you turn your plasma screen off at its power source before commencing cleaning.

Top Tip Number Tip 3: Top Hints for Maintaining Plasma Televisions

Now to attack greasy fingerprints and stubborn marks! You may find that not everything will simply dust off your plasma screen. To remove dirt that has built up over time and fingerprints from your plasma screen, the cloth may be used slightly damp. Again, refer to your manufacturer's instructions to check for a recommended product. Water may suffice in many instances. Do not apply the water or product directly to your plasma screen; instead dampen the soft cloth you are using. Use gentle pressure to clear the screen with the dampened cloth and then run a second soft cloth over it to dry the surface. This type of cleaning should only be carried out with the power source off and on the exterior of the unit - you should never open the unit's casing for cleaning or any other purpose.

Top Tip Number Tip 4: Getting the Best out of your Plasma Screen

Let it breathe! You'll notice some vents around your plasma screen, these are designed to allow the unit to breathe and allow air to flow through. The manufacturer's instructions will tell you how to mount your unit to keep these areas clear, however on some plasma televisions over time, they can build up dust. When cleaning your plasma TV it's a good idea to use a soft cloth around the vents to remove dirt and grime build-up. A handheld vacuum cleaner or vacuum hose attachment at its lowest setting can be gently passed over the vents to extract excess dust. Don't insert anything into these vents at any time.

Top Tip Number Tip 5: More Top Hints for Maintaining Plasma Televisions

Don't touch your plasma screen! Yes, it sounds obvious but how many times have you seen the tell-tale signs of grubby fingerprints on its shiny surface! Whether it's your toddler re-enacting his favourite cartoon slapstick or an overzealous teenager mesmerized with the latest Pussycat Doll's music video - sometimes the temptation to run your fingers over your plasma screen is just too strong! Don't do it! Oils and dirt on skin can stick to your plasma screen and attract dust and grime. Consider placing your plasma screen at a height where curious little (and grown-up) fingers will not be tempted to poke and prod. This will make cleaning your plasma TV an easier task and help to maintain your plasma screen looking its best!