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Choose the Latest Technology - Plasma TV or LCD?

Plasma vs LCD

Both kinds of televisions are derived from the modern advancement in home entertainment and technology. They are way thinner that the traditional cathode ray tube televisions and they offer better picture quality and brighter and clearer resolutions.

But which one is really better? Is it a win for the Plasma TV or the LCD TV? Their prices may be close but features can be really far different from each other.

They actually have really different technologies. The answer to which one is better will depend mostly on how the consumers plan to use the unit.

Plasma TVs are usually made of millions of tiny pixels in the RGB or Red-Green-Blue color scheme. These three colors combine to produce millions and millions of color variations.

There are two panels in a Plasma TV that are packed in between with xenon or neon gas. Light is generated when electricity passes through the gas and converts it into a liquid form. The light illuminates the pixels thus creating an image. This happens very quickly with about 50 frames in every second.

It is often recommended to obtain a Plasma TV for the purpose of watching movies. It is believed to have higher color resolution and clearer picture image than an LCD television.

LCD televisions, on the other hand, are filled with liquid crystals. These crystals, when passed by electricity, allows light to enter or be filtered. Various wavelengths of lights are then blocked resulting to the display of different colors. It is somewhat similar to how a prism works.

LCD TVs, like the Samsung Lcd Tv 7 Series, are mostly recommended for playing computer games and hobbies such as digital photography. It has a better response time compared to a Plasma TV. Additionally, an LCD TV can be used as replacement for a computer monitor.

Both Plasma TV and LCD TV have their advantages and disadvantages. Just like what I have said earlier, the deciding factor is primarily the customer's usage intention and needs.

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