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How Plasma TV Makes the Images Look Alive

Prices of the flat screens are continuing to go down dramatically. Soon, broadcasting will be in the digital format. Finally, the time came for the transition from analog to digital to be complete. The first full colored plasma was released in 1999. From then on, improvements were made on the plasma TV to be what we now view today - sharper images. We can expect more improvements in the years to come.

Older television sets have 4:3 picture ratio. The contrast in movies is 13:9 where the whole image can e viewed in the screen. With the innovations in plasma technology, images are now also on 13:9 ratio.

Modern televisions are capable of the 4:3 ratio. Some older televisions stretch the image until the top and it ends up looking distorted. The newer televisions utilizes an algorithm to compute for the biggest image size and then they do a scaling in order to fit the image onto the screen without getting distorted.

Plasma technology has made screen image as sharp and vivid as in real life. It seems as if you are actually there in that scene that you are watching. Not considering the price you paid for your plasma, and the quality, if the signal of the input is still in analog format, you cannot see any difference in the quality of the picture.

Most satellite TV Service broadcasts all the signals in HD format. If the program from which it came from is sent to those which are not running on high definition format, the signal received will be similar to the images seen in an analog television.

Even though we have the high technology of plasma TV and the prices are going down, many people are still not sure to purchase a plasma TV because of the unavailability of high definition signal in their respective areas.

There is only one minor setback in plasma TV and that is the size of the monitors. Many of the models are only available in the range of 42 inches. So if you are looking for a smaller size TV, there are many LCD TVs available in the market.

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