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Cleaning Your Plasma Television The RIGHT Way

Cleaning is really a tedious job that no one particularly looks forward to. Of course, it's a standard household job that we all understand needs to be done and not a lot of thought needs to go into it, right? Wrong. With the technology in today's society continually being upgraded, the plasma television has become a common introduction to the modern household. While many people are being kept up to date with this new technology, many of us remain unaware of how to properly look after our new possession. Believe it or not, there is a right AND a wrong way when cleaning your plasma television.

The WRONG Way to Clean your Plasma TV

A fact that is little known is that the standard plasma TV contains a special coating on the screen. Due to this coating there are many things that need to be avoided when we decide that the layer of dust is becoming too thick to see through.

When deciding what sort of cloth to use first of all, the ones that we should stay away from are first and foremost paper-based cloths. By paper- based cloths, I am of course referring to paper towels and even tissues. You may remember being told not to use a tissue on your sunglasses, well the same principle applies here. Doing so may cause you to inadvertently scratch the screen- and with plasma televisions costing thousands, do we want to damage them with a material that costs mere cents?

When deciding on what cleaner to use, we should stay away from any products that have an ammonia base. Many experts are inclined to agree that we should avoid using strong harsh chemicals on our screens to prevent them from becoming damaged.

The RIGHT Way to Clean your Plasma TV

So now that we all know what NOT to do, logically we need to be informed about what we should do. Firstly, what cloth to use. We should attempt to use a microfiber cloth. The word microfiber may not mean a lot to you, but they are the very soft cloths that, once again using a glasses analogy, tend to come with your glasses, or similarly any soft lint-free cloth should do the trick.

It is ideal that when cleaning your plasma television, you should have two. The first should be kept dry, and this is used initially in order to remove the larger collection of dust particles. If you then decide that you are still having trouble viewing your favourite program, or simply decide that you would like your television to be spotless, then you employ the services of a second microfiber cloth and a cleaner. A good indicator when determining if you will need to use a cleaner is to look at the original cloth used. If it has removed a large amount of dust , then a cleaner may be required.

The next big question is: what cleaner is best? As already indicated, there are many varying answers to this question. One commonly suggested cleaner is isopropyl alcohol, which may be known as 'screen cleaner' or even 'PC cleaner'. If you take a walk down to your nearest plasma television retailer, they will most likely be able to recommend and may even sell a suitable product.

A shocking revelation that has been a well kept secret is that you can use water if necessary. Yes that's right! You can use that clear liquid that flows out of your tap in order to clean a standard plasma TV.

When using a cleaner, it is suggested that you first turn off the power to your television. While this may not strictly be necessary, it is after all better to be safe than sorry.

Further Information on Cleaning your Plasma TV

However in recommending the appropriate cleaners and techniques necessary to achieve a radiant television, I feel compelled to advise you on some minor points.

The first thing you should do when cleaning your plasma television is to read the owner's manual. Often you will find suggestions about the best way to go about it, and in some cases you may find some recommended cleaners that are safe to use. After all, each television is different, and as such, different techniques may be required.

The second important point that you should be aware of is, you should never apply any form of liquid directly onto your screen. You use your cloth in order to make the transfer.

Thirdly, if your cleaning does not produce the results that you desire, and you suspect that there is some form of foreign matter on the inside of your unit, I recommend that you do not take apart your television. It is better to allow a professional to do this instead- and often doing so can void your warranty.

Finally, it may seem self-evident but, be gentle!

You have spent a lot of money on your investment in your new Plasma TV, so make sure you put in the time to take care of it.