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Plasma Versus LCD - The Battle of the Best TV Viewing

Plasma vs LCD TV Debate

There is a complex yet interesting battle between LCDs and Plasma TVs. Both forms of televisions have their own special features. And the decision as to which form to choose is practically based on the consumer's personal taste and aesthetics.

Go with me as we discover each feature appreciably.

There are actually three phosphors in a Plasma TV - they are red, blue, and green phosphors. When they are struck by electrons, they emit beams of light. The intensity of the electron beam determines the quantity of light released. The phosphors are basically the feature that creates the light you see on your plasma TV screen.

Conversely, LCD TVs use millions and millions of crystals perched in a liquid that is packed in between transparent panels. Behind this liquid crystal sandwich is a bright florescent light. The crystals are coached to allow the light pass or block it. The color filters are used to settle the color.

Regarding the size, plasma and LCD TVs are both extremely thin. The only difference is measurable in a few inches. A Sony 32-inch Plasma TV and a Samsung 37-inch LCD TV have actually no remarkable difference. Size may be immaterial but of course it will still depend on the customer's personal taste. We are talking about the battle of large screen TVs here and a couple of inch difference would not extremely affect the contest.

Plasma TVs, however, have always been popular for their bigger sizes. If a consumer is after a really huge size of viewing screen, Plasma TV will definitely win the battle. But it is still important to note that LCDs are now close behind the size battle. Remember still that they are both large screen televisions.

When we talk about the price, Plasma TV usually seems to be less expensive. Nonetheless, LCD TV manufacturers are now dropping their prices and soon both Plasma TV and LCD TV may be sold for similar price range. As for now, we can conclude then that Plasma TV earned more points. But the battle does not end here. LCDs are being developed and have been gaining popularity and demand so expect that soon LCDs will be ruling the market.

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