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Plasma TVs And Your New Home

If you are making a move into a new home, now is as good of a time as any to decide which pieces of furniture you want to go with your move and which pieces you want to sell or donate to a local charity. Making a move to a new home can be a great opportunity to ditch your current standard televisions and replace them with plasma tvs. There are savings out there for new homeowners and plasma tvs is just one of them.

Moments before you close on your old home, the local charity pulls up with their truck and removes an unwanted sofa, some bedding, and your two televisions. Yes, now is a good time to make the switch over to plasma tvs as a new home means new furniture including new plasma tvs.

When you make your move, the chances are great that your realtor will supply to you a "welcome to the neighborhood" packet containing all sorts of goodies. Local merchants are vying for your business as they know that you will want to update your furnishings, order lawn service, buy a new propane grill, and more. Even if your move is just across town, you will be eligible to receive such a packet. Make certain that you open it up to read up on all of the offers.

Typically, several local big box retailers will be gunning for your business too. Local home improvement stores include their coupons but certain electronic retailers will have theirs as well. Yes, coupons are a way of life and we are not talking about cents off here. Savings of $50, $100, even $200 or more are possible even on sale prices. This means that the plasma tvs retailing for $1499 and on sale for $1250 could be available to you for just $1100, even less. In some cases a percentage, such as 10% is taken off of your bill so if you purchase two or more plasma tvs your savings could be $300 off of a $3000 invoice. Great savings for you translating into two new plasma tvs for your home.

In addition to the savings on plasma tvs, your local cable or satellite dish company may have an offer giving you a price reduction for up to six months on new service. They'll come into your home, set up your plasma tvs, and put in the appropriate boxes for you. In most cases installation should be free and they can give you tips on mounting your plasma tvs too.

Truly, a new home means a fresh start. Why not use this opportunity to switch over to plasma tvs for a better viewing experience? Just make sure you check your realtor's welcome pack for valuable coupons too.