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5 Reasons Why Plasma Televisions Are The Best

If you are about to replace your flickering old television, upgrade your home entertainment system or just feel like treating yourself to an astonishing entertainment experience, you'll already know that there are a number of choices out there in the market. Hopefully here I'll be able to show just why you will be driving home with a brand new plasma TV rather than anything else.

A Legend In the Making

Plasma screens have been on the market for almost twenty years, but not always for use in the modern plasma TV. The invention of plasma screens was originally conducted in the United States for computers, as at the time they were perfect for their clarity with simple text based displays. As computing power increased CRT monitors were used to display the new graphics that were being used, but the people behind the invention of plasma screens never gave up. They knew they had a great idea and carefully worked in the background until the plasma TV that you see in the shop today was ready. Unlike LCD TVs plasma televisions were not rushed onto the market, the quality of the product had the inventors quietly confident that one day you would be purchasing a plasma TV.

Performance of the Plasma TV

Simply put, a plasma TV is better than an LCD TV (or a projection TV, or the rustic CRT that you are most likely replacing). Obviously, the picture rates as the most important feature when looking for your new Plasma TV. The picture that a plasma TV can produce is sharper, brighter, has higher contrast and can cope with fast moving action better than a LCD TV. The contrast, which is how black the blacks are in comparison to the whites on screen, is unrivalled by any other type of wall mountable television. Rather than seeing a mix of brown and grey on the screen, a plasma TV can achieve deep stark blacks, whilst the very way that a plasma TV works ensures an outstanding luminous result, a brighter white, so your favourite films will look great. The colour range achievable by a plasma TV is the greatest in the market and almost more importantly, a plasma TV can keep up with whatever you are watching. If you've been to watch football in a bar that hasn't chosen a plasma TV, you might have seen blurring or 'ghosting' of the action when the camera moves quickly. This simply doesn't happen with a plasma TV, so next time you're in the bar, make sure the manager will be purchasing a plasma TV soon.

Plasma Television = Style

We're only two reasons in, but if you're still not sure about purchasing a plasma TV, what about this? Not only is the picture the best available, the sets themselves look great. Your old cathode ray tube (CRT) TV was probably a foot if not two feet deep at the back. Due to the design of the older televisions that space was necessary, but not anymore. Since the invention of plasma TV, it now possible to make the big game look like a work of art. Your new plasma TV will be on average four to five inches thick. With some simple DIY you'll have freed up loads of floor space in your living room, plus you'll have a stunning plasma TV on the wall, and because it is a plasma TV, the viewing angle is far greater than any of the other rival technologies, so everyone around the room can enjoy the same great picture.

Planning for the Future of Television

As the price of purchasing a plasma TV has fallen, the TV networks have had the opportunity to raise the standard of the pictures they broadcast. Soon all television channels will be broadcasting in High Definition (HD), meaning that the number of pixels being broadcast will treble, and after purchasing a plasma TV, you'll have just the technology to enjoy the magnificent picture on the screen. If your kids (or even you) have got a new gaming machine in the last year, you'll want to check on the back of it for an HDMI socket. If you've got one, plug the console straight into the back of your new plasma TV for a greatly improved gaming experience - the same goes for the introduction of Blue-Ray discs. Blue-Ray is the next step up from DVD's, and you'll be ready for them.

Size Really does Matter ...

Ladies around the world may now say "I told you so". Size does matter, in regard to your home entertainment system of course. If you've got a respectably sized lounge or front room you'll want a TV that can fill the room with colour and a sharp image. If size matters to you, purchasing a plasma TV is your only option. Other technologies simply cannot cope with anything larger than sixty five inches diagonally, and in reality anything bigger than the standard 32 inches has to be a plasma TV for anyone who wants to enjoy their new TV for years to come. Remember the bar manager with the blurred pictures? He doesn't have a plasma TV, and he probably paid way over the odds for it too. With over fifty different brands of plasma TV available, prices have come crashing down in the last two years meaning you can get the best picture on the market for peanuts. Even one of the largest electronic companies in the world, Panasonic, who make both plasma and LCD TVs has said that purchasing a plasma TV is the only way to go (NYTimes, 12/25/06).

So isn't it time you got one?