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32 Inch Television

There is one scene you tend to find in almost every home; the big screen television that seems to be the at the center stage of the family life. Remember the Simpson's? When the cartoon starts off and the Simpson's are gathered around their small TV set, nowadays its 32 inch TV sets with surround speakers regardless of whether there's enough space or not for the big screen and company. I am not against the idea of big screen television sets, I would like to have that big flat screen that seems to be everywhere in the ads these days, the ones with the all the HD quality and speakers that look that they could just blow you through your living room window. It would be really great if I could watch all those NFL matches on it and yeah think of the movies I could watch. The way I see things in the near future everyone will have a scaled down version of their local neighborhood cinema in their homes. It's not only the 32 inch their bigger screens and the size just don't seem to stop these days. Some years back most folks didn't want to buy a big screen , the screen resolution was horrible an together with the high prices it just wasn't worth it, but technology's taken a great leap and the resolution problem has been sorted out..

As for me my family always seems to be stuck behind. We're the ones still dancing disco when everyone else has moved up, just kidding, but we're always like 6 years behind the latest techno trend .That widescreen hasn't been bought yet so were watching DVD's on that dinosaur species, the 22 inch TV set and there are these gaps between the picture that are really annoying. That's because all DVD's these days come in widescreen that's larger than your 32-inch.

I'd like one of those big screens that fit into the wall sort of like in those old films where everyone in the future is supposed to have flying cars and ultra-flat TV screens that stick to the wall and are larger than life.

There's a lot of techno talk when it comes to these new TV's ,many stores describe them with words you couldn't find in an average Science textbook. I'm certainly not Dexter Boy Genius or those geeks depicted in cartoons that often have an IQ that'd make Einstein look like the mailman. Even programming the DVD to record programs takes me some amount of effort and I guess by the time we finally get that big 32 inch we've been yearning for it will probably be as outdated as hippie bell-bottomed pants.

I am seriously waiting for that great day when they make that one television that does everything. From entertainment to information, you'll be able to watch DVD's on it, surf the web and you can play games on it. Hopefully they'll add a few extra features as well like making popcorn and washing the dishes who knows?