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The Advantages Of Plasma TVs

Plasma tvs are being marketed like never before. Introduced just a few short years ago, plasma tvs are being scooped up by willing consumers who appreciate its superior picture, better than any other type of television on the market. Let's take a look at the advantages of plasma tvs.

If you want better resolution, only plasma tvs can meet that demand. Plasma tvs can display full HDTV and DTV signals with ease, ensuring that your picture is clearer and sharper.

Color is another area where plasma tvs really shine. Whereas the average television shows only a few hundred colors and their variations, plasma tvs show literally billions of colors and their variations to give the picture the most life-like look possible.

When it comes to regular televisions, scan lines can compromise picture quality. Not so with plasma tvs which use an electronic beam to scan the picture tube from top to bottom at recurring periods to ensure the best possible picture out there.

Plasma tvs also are noted for their wide and flat screens which cause a picture uniformity and clarity not found on standard televisions. There is no edge distortion and everything you see on screen is scaled perfectly. Furthermore, every pixel in the screen shines uniformly to give images a smooth and accurate look.

With their slim design, plasma tvs save on valuable space which can be an issue for Manhattan apartment dwellers, condo owners, and others with minimal room and little space for viewing entertainment. In addition, unlike standard televisions, plasma tvs are immune to magnetic field distortion which can occur if speakers are place too closely to a standard television.

Prices for plasma tvs have been dropping sharply over the past five years as more manufacturers produce the units and as consumer demand increases. Previously, you would have been hard pressed to find a unit for less than $5000 or even for $3000. Today, some plasma tvs have dropped below $1000, a price point favored by the majority of consumers out there.

So, will you buy a plasma television today or wait for further price drops? Regardless, the market is changing so fast that plasma tvs, once considered the wave of the future, will be the standard television in American homes within the next two or three years. This is great news for consumers wanting a superior picture without paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.